As I have posted several times before, I have dealt with acne my whole life. While I had been using some acne treatment creams with great success, I found that if I over relied on these creams, my skin became dry and irritated. I would not only get some redness and dry flaking skin but the worst part was actually itching. In order to help give my skin a break from these typically treatment products, I decided to turn to natural acne treatments. My search led me to, a site dedicated to treating acne naturally.


On this website, I was able to find a wide variety of natural treatments that I am adding to my skin care regimen in order to give my skin a break from traditional acne products. One natural remedy I really like is green tea. I like caffeine anyway and am generally interested in my health, so it was not too much of a change for me to switch over from coffee to drinking a few cups of green tea a day. While not a huge difference, any improvement I can get is something I will take.

If it is a weekend and I have the time to spare and I have a pimple I want to reduce, what I will do after I drink the tea is actually take the teabag out and hold it on my pimple or trouble spot. I allow it to soak for about 5-10 minutes while I watch a TV show or youtube video. Once it has sat for this length of time, I then pull it off and rinse and wash the skin. I read that the catechins in green tea are able to kill bacteria since they tear apart the bacterial cell walls. I figure it cannot hurt and since I brewed the tea anyway to drink it, it is not like I had to go out of my way to do it.