As you likely know by now, acne has long been a concern of mine. I have had bad acne since a teenager and occasionally pimples pop up once in awhile even in my late age. In an effort to manage my acne without going to the doctor, I have been trying out a lot of acne treatment creams.


My research has lead me to, where I discovered the best acne treatment creams contain benzoyl peroxide. Most of the stuff at the store seemed to use salicylic acid so I had to go out of my way to pick up a benzoyl peroxide cream. I was not disappointed as the benzoyl-based acne treatment cream and they worked much better than the common products I was picking up at the store.

I did however discover some tips that improved the effectiveness of the cream. First, I discovered that if you clean the skin first, your cream will be more effective. I always washed with warm soap and water and dried the area before applying the treatment cream. I used the acne cream right on the acne spots and in areas where I commonly had breakouts. This not only quickly cleared up existing pimples but also helped prevent new breakouts from occurring.

I know the cream works, because I had clear skin for months when using the product, and as soon as I ran out and stopped using it, it only took a few days before I started breaking out again. I immediately re-ordered more and now have been living the acne-free lifestyle!