If you have been following New Mexico politics lately, you know that there is a strong divide between the Republican and Democratic parties. Not much gets done in the capitol because too many people are fighting over their scraps and pet projects.

This might seem a little irrelevant, but stick with me here. I picked up a bread maker recently after visiting a site on bread maker reviews. I have to say, it makes the best bread. The whole family comes over and sits down to a wonderful dinner with fresh baked bread. Whenever we do this and people bite into that warm, fluffy bread, all of our problems seem to go away.

It’s hard to be angry when you are well-fed. People who have bread just do not want to argue as much and are more likely to agree on a lot of topics. This is why lobbying politicians with dinners and lunches was always so effective.

I think the solution here is that they should put a few bread machines in the capitol. Before each session, they should have some fresh baked bread ready for the politicians to share before they deliberate on any major issue. This will cause the politicians to be more amenable and more relaxed, to let their paranoia subside and will let people cross party lines.

The best types of bread for this I think would be raisin bread. Raisin bread is a great breakfast bread and since sessions start in the morning, this would be the right type of bread for the occasion.