critical-bench-reviewI have been hitting the gym lately and have been looking for a great way to increase my bench press. Like any gym rat, I have always been a huge aficionado of the bench press and the amount of weight I can bench is important to me.

While it seems kind of ridiculous that amount of weight I can bench is important to me, it really does matter. The amount of weight I bench press is one of the ways I judge my progress in the gym, so when my bench press weights stalled, needless to say I was a bit frustrated and wanted to figure out the best way to get it climbing again.

Like I usually do when I have a problem, I turned to the internet for help. After browsing around for awhile I found this Critical Bench 2.0 Review. While normally turning to the internet for help is not always a good idea, with this Critical Bench review, I think I made the right decision.

The review revealed to me that there is something known as a peaking program. This is a program designed to teach your body and brain to take advantage of new muscle growth in order to perform particularly well at an exercise. The Critical Bench program is a peaking program for the bench press. Since I had put on a solid amount of muscle mass over the last few months, I figured a peaking program like this would be good to take advantage of my new size, particularly since the extra muscle I have added has not translated into an increased bench press.

Fortunately, this assumption really worked out well for me. I ran through the program in the 12 weeks as recommended and was able to significantly improve my bench press. Give it a try – you will not be disappointed!