My Stock Market Investing Strategy

I recently decided to get into the stock market investing game to help boost returns on my portfolio. While I probably missed most of the rebound from 2009 lows, I still think that stock market has plenty of profits left for me. I have been following How To Invest HQ, a site that seems geared to someone like myself: an individual with not a huge amount of money to invest that is looking to pick stocks for investing purposes.


After reading this site, my new investing strategy is to pick 5 stocks and slowly add to these over time using money saved from my paycheck. In order to keep trading fees low, I am saving some money from each paycheck and putting it into my brokerage account. Then, when I have saved a total of $1,000, I buy more of one of the 5 stocks I already own. This way, I only pay a 1% fee (typical $10 trades on a brokerage site). If I bought every time I saved a few hundred dollars from my paycheck, the fee would be quite large and take up too much of my total profit.

I have been trying to balance the current price of stocks with portfolio balance. When I go to add $1000 to a particular position, I look to add to the stock that has gone up the least (or has even gone down) in price since when I purchased it. However, if one stock in particular seems to be doing poorly, I will not put so much money in it that it begins to take up too much of my portfolio. While my ideal balance is to own 20% of each stock, I will allow one stock to go up to 33% of my total portfolio in size if falling and rising prices dictate that that is the way it has to be.

The real strategy though that I learned is to just pick stocks that are good companies. Mutual funds lose out because the holders of the funds invest in both winning and losing companies.

Top Ways to Treat Acne Naturally

As I have posted several times before, I have dealt with acne my whole life. While I had been using some acne treatment creams with great success, I found that if I over relied on these creams, my skin became dry and irritated. I would not only get some redness and dry flaking skin but the worst part was actually itching. In order to help give my skin a break from these typically treatment products, I decided to turn to natural acne treatments. My search led me to, a site dedicated to treating acne naturally.


On this website, I was able to find a wide variety of natural treatments that I am adding to my skin care regimen in order to give my skin a break from traditional acne products. One natural remedy I really like is green tea. I like caffeine anyway and am generally interested in my health, so it was not too much of a change for me to switch over from coffee to drinking a few cups of green tea a day. While not a huge difference, any improvement I can get is something I will take.

If it is a weekend and I have the time to spare and I have a pimple I want to reduce, what I will do after I drink the tea is actually take the teabag out and hold it on my pimple or trouble spot. I allow it to soak for about 5-10 minutes while I watch a TV show or youtube video. Once it has sat for this length of time, I then pull it off and rinse and wash the skin. I read that the catechins in green tea are able to kill bacteria since they tear apart the bacterial cell walls. I figure it cannot hurt and since I brewed the tea anyway to drink it, it is not like I had to go out of my way to do it.

My Favorite Acne Treatment Creams

As you likely know by now, acne has long been a concern of mine. I have had bad acne since a teenager and occasionally pimples pop up once in awhile even in my late age. In an effort to manage my acne without going to the doctor, I have been trying out a lot of acne treatment creams.


My research has lead me to, where I discovered the best acne treatment creams contain benzoyl peroxide. Most of the stuff at the store seemed to use salicylic acid so I had to go out of my way to pick up a benzoyl peroxide cream. I was not disappointed as the benzoyl-based acne treatment cream and they worked much better than the common products I was picking up at the store.

I did however discover some tips that improved the effectiveness of the cream. First, I discovered that if you clean the skin first, your cream will be more effective. I always washed with warm soap and water and dried the area before applying the treatment cream. I used the acne cream right on the acne spots and in areas where I commonly had breakouts. This not only quickly cleared up existing pimples but also helped prevent new breakouts from occurring.

I know the cream works, because I had clear skin for months when using the product, and as soon as I ran out and stopped using it, it only took a few days before I started breaking out again. I immediately re-ordered more and now have been living the acne-free lifestyle!

Getting Clear Skin and Removing Acne Scars

Due to an unfortunate time as a teenager with acne, I had long dealt acne scars ruining my appearance. Acne scars are bad enough for the average person, but as you can imagine, having to deal with acne scars while running for public office is even worse. People judge you for your appearance so it was very important to me to try to get rid of these scars.


Since I did not particularly have the money for acne scar removal nor did I want to get cosmetic surgery, I turned to home remedies for acne scars. I found a site at which was particularly useful in my quest to get rid of my acne scars. It contained a lot of natural remedies that were able to help reduce the appearance of my acne scars.

I particularly found that regularly applying lemon juice to my acne scars was the most effective way of getting them to look less obvious.I had to do it every day in order to maximize the effect, because the lightening effect does only seem to be temporary. While this may seem like a lot of work, it is rather relaxing and I only really need to do it leading up to a major public appearance or during campaign season. Once I am in office I do not need to pursue these acne remedies as my politics, not my appearance, becomes the most important aspect of my life.

Some other good remedies are aloe vera. Aloe vera does not help the scar directly but it does reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. This at least temporarily reduces the appearance of my scars even if it does not reduce them directly.

Boosting My Bench Press with the Critical Bench Program

critical-bench-reviewI have been hitting the gym lately and have been looking for a great way to increase my bench press. Like any gym rat, I have always been a huge aficionado of the bench press and the amount of weight I can bench is important to me.

While it seems kind of ridiculous that amount of weight I can bench is important to me, it really does matter. The amount of weight I bench press is one of the ways I judge my progress in the gym, so when my bench press weights stalled, needless to say I was a bit frustrated and wanted to figure out the best way to get it climbing again.

Like I usually do when I have a problem, I turned to the internet for help. After browsing around for awhile I found this Critical Bench 2.0 Review. While normally turning to the internet for help is not always a good idea, with this Critical Bench review, I think I made the right decision.

The review revealed to me that there is something known as a peaking program. This is a program designed to teach your body and brain to take advantage of new muscle growth in order to perform particularly well at an exercise. The Critical Bench program is a peaking program for the bench press. Since I had put on a solid amount of muscle mass over the last few months, I figured a peaking program like this would be good to take advantage of my new size, particularly since the extra muscle I have added has not translated into an increased bench press.

Fortunately, this assumption really worked out well for me. I ran through the program in the 12 weeks as recommended and was able to significantly improve my bench press. Give it a try – you will not be disappointed!

A Review of The Osiris Method Starcraft 2 Guide

osiris-method-reviewRecently, I have been playing a lot of Starcraft 2. Since I was tired of getting my butt kicked by players in ladder games, I decided to turn to the internet for help with strategies in hopes that I could improve my record and ultimately my rank.

After some research, I stumbled across a guide called The Osiris Method (visit at This product really spoke to me because it was the only guide which promised to actually promised to show me directly how to improve my win rate, whereas other products seemed focused on strategies. I knew a lot of the strategies in my mind, but my fingers felt incapable of keeping up with my brain in-game. I figured that maybe the guide could help me overcome this problem.

I decided to take the plunge and give it a try for myself, and wow, was that a good decision. The theory and technique offered up by this Starcraft 2 guide actually goes beyond my wildest expectations. I did not know what to expect when I got the guide, but I am thoroughly impressed. It is a well-written, concisely organized Starcraft 2 tome that reaches nearly 300 pages in length. Not only is it professionally written, but it contains great insight into what exactly makes a good Starcraft 2 player and how anyone can become a great player through proper practice.

The most important part though is that it works. You should have seen the grin that crept across my face when I tried out one of the builds in The Osiris Method. It was so effective and so easy, it simply rolled over my opponent. They had no chance at defending themselves against the superiority of my timing attack that I plucked right from the step-by-step charts found within this guide.

I wholeheartedly recommend The Osiris Method to anyone. With its low cost compared to other Starcraft 2 guides, picking it up is a no-brainer.

New Mexico Politics Give Me Heartburn

Heartburn Remedies

This is how I feel inside.

If there is one thing that irritates me, it is the politics of New Mexico. My biggest problem is not the political affiliation of people in our great state, but rather the attitude they take towards politics.

The fact of the matter is that we are rapidly become one of the most important swing states in the country, especially in the presidential elections, yet political interest in the state (as well as in the rest of the country) seems to be at an all-time low. This sad fact gives me heartburn; fortunately I have found some good home heartburn remedies to help deal with this. I need them, and fortunately they worked great. The idea is that you can use various home remedies which produce saliva, making them effective at dealing with heartburn

At first, I thought I was dealing with a stomach ulcer but my doctor told me these were not stomach ulcer symptoms but rather heartburn. There was some simple evidence for this really. First off, whenever I tried out using heartburn remedies, my symptoms always went away. This was a big indicator for me as these heartburn remedies should have no effect on ulcers. They tend to have a big effect on heartburn though because saliva improves digestion. Here is a video below that explains how heartburn and digestion are related:

Additionally, whenever I thought about the political state in New Mexico I started to get heartburn symptoms. This stress irritated me and resulted in heartburn.

The real point here is the people of New Mexico and everyone in our great democracy needs to participate if we are going to have a fully functioning government. Democracy hinges on voter and citizen participation. If we do not participate in our government, we have no one to blame but ourselves when things go wrong.

A Fascinating Study on Stomach Ulcer Symptoms

Stomach Ulcer Symptoms

Related to H pylori or not? The answer is not as easy as we once thought.

For those of you who do not know, I am a medical researcher by trade and love reading a good research paper. Recently, I discovered a paper on something known as “The African Enigma”. This article basically turns the world of H. pylori research on its head.

If you are not familiar with what I am talking about, H pylori has become a very popularly topic in the research world of late, and is thought to be the primary cause of stomach ulcer symptoms. In fact, the researchers to who brought this conclusion to the limelight were recently awarded the Nobel Prize. Current medical treatment now focuses on combating H pylori infections when we are presented with a case on stomach ulcers.

The paper reported that nearly everyone on the continent of Africa is infected with H pylori – the infection rates are anywhere from 50-90% depending on the location. Compare that to the United States, which boasts infection rates of about 20%. Most modernized countries have similar rates of infections.

You may be thinking, no big deal, Africa has higher infection rates for a lot of diseases. Not necessarily in all cases, and here is where the paper gets really interesting: peptic ulcer rates in Africa are no higher than in modernized countries such as the UK, and in some cases ulcer rates are even lower in Africa.

If you are not following the logic here, let me break it down for you:

  • In the USA and UK we treat ulcers by trying to combat infections of H pylori. These treatment cycles This seems to be effective, but both infections and ulcers have a high recurrence rate.
  • In Africa, nearly everyone has H pylori, but ulcers are quite rare there. This benefits does not seem to extend to native Africans living abroad.
  • Stomach ulcer symptoms and stomach discomfort are similar in Africa as in other countries, despite the much higher incidence rate of H pylori in Africa.

This leaves us with a stick situation! On one hand, here in New Mexico, we often treat H pylori just to get rid of chronic stomach aches, whereas in Africa stomach aches are just as common as they are here, despite nearly everyone having H pylori!

The bottom line is we might indeed be chasing down the wrong bacteria. Even more interesting is the possibility that H pylori is beneficial in some populations rather than harmful; H pylori infections reduce the risk rate for GERD and heartburn.

Only through more research will we be able to get a clearer picture of the H pylori conundrum.